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Regina Rodman M.D.
5 Star Rating based on 7 reviews
9230 Katy Freeway Suite 420 Houston, TX 77055

“She is THE BEST”

5 Star Rating - Written on March 13, 2018

I fell down an exterior set of stairs at an apartment complex, fracturing my jaw in 3 places. Though this experience was extremely painful and terrifying, I could not be more Grateful for Dr. Rodman. She not only did an awesome job of putting me back together, she was of great comfort all along the journey. I would highly recommend Dr. Rodman for any facial surgery needed. She is THE BEST. Thank you Dr. Rodman.


“Love her!!!”

5 Star Rating - Written on March 2, 2018

Love her!!! She does this super cool technique where she does micro injections to spread out the Botox, and I have found that it looks way better than other places I’ve gone with traditional injection techniques. She’s very personable and I truly enjoy her bedside manner!!


“She makes sure I feel comfortable”

5 Star Rating - Written on February 9, 2018

Dr. Rodman is great. She takes her time to make sure you completely understand the procedure and is very personable. She is friendly and down to earth. I enjoy having a few moments to sit and talk with her during my visits. She makes sure I feel comfortable during and after injections. I got so many compliments when I left her office about my appearance. I will be back for sure!


“I’d do it all over again”

5 Star Rating - Written on January 15, 2018

Dr. Rodman gave me back my quality of life! After not being able to breathe for many years, I finally decided I needed to do something about it. After the consultation with Dr. Rodman, she suggested we try a less invasive treatment first. When that didn’t work we went ahead and talked about my surgery option. She was very patient and explained the procedure in detail and set my mind at ease. Following my procedure came some unpleasant pain for a few days as expected with any surgical procedure. Honestly, I’d do it all over again because I feel a million times better today! She took such great care of me, I don’t have enough good things to say about her!


“Thank you Dr. Rodman for everything! “

5 Star Rating - Written on December 18, 2017

After going to several Specialists for my sinuses and being treated with several antibiotics,steroids, sinus sprays and saline drops for five months, my wife started looking and researching for other options. She came across Dr. Regina Rodman at HPCS. We made an appointment with Dr. Regina Rodman and let me tell you once we arrived in her office I was called back after being examed and a CT Dr. Rodman found the issue. Right away she suggested that I have surgery to fix the issue with my sinuses. All I got to say she’s the best she and her staff at HPCS went beyond to make sure I was taking care of after a month of having my surgery I started to feel like myself and the good news is I’m feeling great. I’m actually able to breathe through my nose, sleep better at night and have a sense of smell. Thank you Dr. Rodman for everything!


“I have NEVER been to a more caring doctor in my life”

5 Star Rating - Written on November 27, 2017

Dr. Rodman literally gave me my life back. I had two nerves decompressed on my forehead and two decompressed on the back of my head along with septoplasty for migraine headaches. After having migraines for 30 years and having exhausted every option I was referred to Dr. Rodman. I have NEVER been to a more caring doctor in my life. Her recommendation to have all three surgeries at one time was brilliant. I ended up having an allergic reaction two weeks after my procedures and she wasted no time treating me and getting it under control. Her staff is just as sincere and caring as she is. My headaches were so debilitating I was in the ER once a month and had a migraine on average of every other day. I could not make plans for anything much less hold down a job. Three months after my surgery I am not only having just 3 headaches a month but they are so much less severe! Best of all I am able to work, this is how she’s given me my life back!


“I highly recommend her”

5 Star Rating - Written on November 14, 2017

I frequently felt like my sinus were closed, as if I were breathing through a straw. Often I couldn’t breath through my nose at all. Sometimes I felt like I couldn’t get enough oxygen to satisfy. Allergy season in Fall and Spring were often bad but escalated the last few years. It got to the point that I started having panic attacks last fall (first time in my life) and even went to the ER. My family doctor put me on several medications including standard treatments for allergies and asthma. He said I now had allergy induced asthma as well as allergies. After months of no relief and visits to two allergist and another ENT, we learned that allergy shots were not an option for my situation and my allergist took me off most of the medicine and sent me to Dr. Rodman to see if surgery was a possible solution. Dr. Rodman confirmed that I had a deviated septum, and some blockage in my airway that was restricting my breathing, and that she could open my airway with surgery. I had the surgery a few months ago and it has been life changing. I can breathe! And even though i experience some allergy symptoms, they are now manageable. I have not had a panic attack since the surgery. I used to wake up every morning with a headache and feeling congested. No longer true. I wake up breathing through my nose and feeling refreshed. I am so glad I did this procedure as the only other alternative seemed to be to move. I found Dr. Rodman to be easy to talk to and she addressed all my concerns, and provided expert advice. I highly recommend her.