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Mohs Reconstruction Houston

Dr. Rodman works with several Mohs surgeons in the Houston area. A Mohs surgeon is a doctor with special training in removing skin cancer, usually a dermatologist. They are able to remove the cancer in small pieces, and then look at each small piece under the microscope to see if there is cancer there. Doing this helps them make sure they get all the cancer, but only take the cancer and not the normal skin around it. Moh’s surgery is best for squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma.

After Moh’s surgery there is a hole in the skin where the cancer was. Dr. Rodman will help to close the wound in the most cosmetic way possible. This may be done by moving some of the skin and tissue around so it fills the defects, which is called a local flap. There are several different kinds of local flaps, and you may hear names like rotational flaps, transposition flaps, interpolated flap. Or it may be done by taking a small piece of skin from another area and sewing it into the defect, this is called a skin graft. At your appointment, Dr Rodman will discuss with you what type of procedure will work best for you.